3 Ways to Connect SEO with Your Social Media Campaigns

Oct 31, 2021SEO0 comments

Denver SEO agency

There are many SEO strategies that you can use to achieve the desired results, one of the most efficient options being the inclusion of the tools provided by social media platforms. Here are some efficient ways to connect social media activities and your SEO strategy:

  • Use your social media profiles strategically – sharing social media content via the social networking profiles that you set up for your brand is a great way to get your message through and to attract new audience to your website. While you are at it, be aware that Google punishes duplicate contents, so make sure that you do not overuse your contents;
  • Use optimized content – the content that you share via social media needs to fulfill the same criteria as content used on websites: it needs to be unique, informative and it is a good idea to include images, charts, statistics, interesting quotes, maybe even videos to make your content more informative and more attractive as well;
  • Cross promoting – Accomplished Denver SEO agency professionals affirm that one of the most important techniques is to use content that includes a link to take interested users directly to your website and to edit your website and blog content to link directly to your social media pages as well.


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