3 Things You Can Do NOW to Your Website to Safeguard It from Google Core Updates

Aug 31, 2020SEO0 comments

Google is a huge search engine of a complexity that is hard to comprehend, that’s why it launches updates very frequently – only in 2019, the number of those updates exceeded 3,000. However, not all of these updates involve modifications and changes that have very significant effects, the ones that do being called Google core updates and being launched less frequently. The effects of these core updates are instantly noticeable to internet users because they significantly change their search engine experience as well as to website owners, as in some cases, they might see their website’s rankings as well as its traffic decrease.

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If you want to make sure that your website is safeguarded from the negative effects of the next core update, here are some tips from Denver SEO agency google experts:

  • Always provide quality content – Google has very specific guidelines about the features of quality content. To avoid being ranked back, make sure that your website content respects those guidelines;
  • Build high quality backlinks – your backlink profile is an important factor used by Google to evaluate your website, so implement an efficient backlink building strategy before the next core update;
  • Don’t procrastinate – any change of direction in your SEO strategy takes time to bring results, so don’t wait, start improving your SEO and check the applicable Google guidelines regularly.


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