3 of the Best Free Time Tracking Tools In 2021

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Time tracking tools are types of computer programs, applications that allow for recording the time spent by employees performing the tasks they are responsible for and for tracking their performance. In the past, time tracking apps were only available in paid versions, but today, there are many solutions that are available only as free versions or that come in free and paid versions as well. People that work at an amazing Denver SEO firm tell us that these are some of the best free options:

  • Clockify – the platform is among the most popular options, appreciated for the numerous features it offers beside tracking the time spent on certain tasks. The most useful features include detailed reporting and an easy-to-use workforce management module;
  • Toogl Track – designed for freelancers and for businesses that have small teams, this platform comes with a simple, user-friendly dashboard through which the users can track their billable and non-billable hours and where they can also plan their budgets;
  • Harvest – an excellent solution for managing larger teams, the platform can be used for tracking individual projects as well as collaborative work and it comes with a very wide range of integrations. The option also allows for payment tracking, productivity tracking, workflow management and lots of other useful features.

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